Medical Billing and Coding
RSB Systems Pvt. Ltd., Revenue Cycle Management services encompass the entire lifecycle of the patient account from creation to payment. Our billing service is designed to increase our client's reimbursement.....
Medical record Management
RSB also provides records management solution to help medical practices move towards digitization and transitioning requires skilful planning and research. Our solutions are tailored to meet all document digitization requirements in a complex marketplace and built around individual needs.
RSB's proven technology and its customized software with a team of experts help hospitals, physician groups, across the country with health plan enrollment process for getting claims paid in full and directly into the account.
Medical Transcription
RSB offers transcription solutions for hospitals, multi specialty clinics, and individual physician practices. Our system is HIPAA compliant and EMR compatible (operating HL7 protocol), and allows to securely check status and retrieve records......
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